November 20, 2019
In addition to VoIP services that can help eliminate the need for traditional landlines through the syncing of technology, Nett-Tell LLC also offers many advanced features to help meet all your telephone needs. Features like call logs so that you can review all your received, missed and outgoing calls as needed. Another feature is that of the enhanced voicemail. Gone are the days of having to buy an expensive voicemail machine when with Nett-Tell LLC you can check your voicemail via web, phone or even remotely. You can even receive voicemail notification via email where it attaches the voicemail as an attachment .wav format file for ease of use.
August 18, 2019
Those who sign up for Net-Tell LLC phone service get all of the features of the best local phone company service, even though they receive it all at the lowest price available. That is because Net-Tell LLC uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to route calls via the Internet, which results in massive cost savings, which they pass on to their customers.

The best part may be that customers usually don’t notice a difference. The setup is a pice of cake; you just connect a standard landline telephone to a box that, in turn, is connected to your router. The sound quality is the same and you can use Net-Tell LLC to call anyone you call now, including friends and family or people with whom you do business. No one except for you will have any idea that you are saving money on phone service. Net-Tell LLC phone service features unlimited domestic long distance calling, low rates on international calls and downs of features that many other phone companies charge extra for. Save hundred of dollars a year over your local phone company with Net-Tell LLC.
May 20, 2019
The first thing most of their customers notice when they set up and start using Net-Tell LLC home phone service is that nothing has changed, really. Everything works exactly as it did when they were paying much more to the local phone company, That is by design. Net-Tell LLC wants to save each customer hundreds of dollars every year, but if the service isn’t as good as they get elsewhere, they won’t keep the customer very long. That’s why they strive to make sure customers have the best experience possible, including the size of the bill.

By using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, Net-Tell LLC uses the Internet instead of a phone line to route a phone call to its destination. By not having to build out and maintain hardwired landlines, they save a lot on internal costs, which they happily pass on to all of their customers. Net-Tell LLC is incredibly easy to set up and use. In fact, it’s so easy that many forget they’re no longer dealing with the phone company.
April 20, 2018
When looking for a company to provide you with VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol systems, it is important to find one that looks out for their customers best interests. Nett-Tell LLC provides this service to their customers and unlike many of their competitors or even traditional phone companies, their services can be free. This free service is given to their customers because Nett-Tell LLC believes in the VOIP services and wants their clients to be able to dramatically reduce their bills by utilizing their services. Their free service is not simply basic features either, but it includes the advanced features as well.
September 25, 2017
If you have a broadband router and a decent connection, you will find there to be little to no real difference in call quality when you use Net-Tell LLC as your home phone service. Neither you nor the people you call will have any idea you have changed from your local phone company during any call. In fact, the only difference you will probably notice will come with the bill, since Net-Tell LLC saves most phone customers a lot of money compared to the phone utility. Despite the savings, however, you will receive a whole host of extra features that phone companies usually charge a fee to receive.

Since all Net-Tell LLC calling plans included unlimited domestic calling with no one distance charges, low international calling rates and tons of great extras, choosing them for your home phone company can actually be the best decision you ever made. Not only do you get great call quality with lots of features, meaning this may be the best phone service you’ve ever had, but at the end of the month, you will have some money left over in your budget. Many customers report saving hundreds of dollars per year, which could help defray the cost of other bills.